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Verification Models &Concept Cars

Our manufacturing teams produce concept, prototype and verification vehicles with a full range of functional capabilities from static-only to performance-realistic.

We achieve this through a range of techniques that include:

  • Bespoke platforms and engineering encompassing production-intent architectures
  • Donor vehicles re-skinned in GRP, SMP or carbon composite
  • Concept Group Chassis System – a generic chassis with electric motive power to provide clients with a flexible architecture, allowing the vehicle to be updated from a simple drivable ‘ergo model’ into an aesthetic confirmation model , a confirmation design reference model and, ultimately, to a show car

These capabilities are complemented by expertise in the adaptation and build of a wide range of vehicle systems, including steering, brakes, powertrain, driveline and electronics.

Each option can be enhanced with bespoke fixtures crafted by hand or using a wide range of specialist techniques. Alongside traditional processes including aluminium casting, CNC machining, injection moulding and the fabrication of grilles and other complex shapes such as headlights, we employ advanced techniques such as additive manufacturing and CNC acrylic machining to create a fully production-representative vehicle presentation.