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Superior Design

Through creativity and research, Concept Group can deliver exciting new ideas from the smallest detail through to a complete interior, exterior or whole vehicle.

Working with our manufacturing specialists, we can take inspiring new designs to near production-ready status without the costs and compromises that often occur when design and engineering are sequential.

This technical approach to delivering a successful programme is also reflected in our customer research capability, allowing both quantitative and qualitative data to be developed and analysed to provide valuable information that could greatly influence the success of your new product.

Services include

  • Design theme and trend evaluation
  • 2D and 3D design development and visualisation
  • Ergonomics
  • Packaging
  • Clay modelling to full size vehicle direct from digital data
  • Interior / exterior models from concept to production intent
  • Surface development
  • Customer clinics, quality audits and data evaluation
  • High-precision scanning for closed loop digital to physical to digital
  • Concept Car build and support


Resources include

  • High-security customer studios, offices and build facilities
  • Multi-platform capability including Alias and ICEM
  • Two full-size paint booths offering bespoke colours and finishes
  • Wide range of build techniques including clay, wood, foam and advanced seamless paste
  • Concept Group Electric Chassis System for concept cars
  • Extensive CMM capability with 4 x 14 metre plates and 4 x 12 metre plates
  • Extensive milling / CNC capability including one of the UK’s largest 5-axis machines. CNC milling down to 0.1mm

Backed by expertise in production feasibility, body-in-white and vehicle build that ensures an efficient, fast-track programme from the first meeting through to production.